• Panorama Rouen 1431
    created by Yadegar Asisi in 2016
    photo © asisi


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  • The Panorama in the Old World and the New

    12th International Panorama Conference in New York 2004
    Edited by Gabriele Koller
    Amberg/Germany, Buero Wilhelm Verlag, 2010
    ISBN-13: 978-3-936721-36-2
    168 pages, 112 (mainly colour) illustrations
    A4 landscape format

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  • 100 Jahre Panorama in Altötting

    Büro Wilhelm. Verlag Koch – Schmidt – Wilhelm GbR, Amberg/Germany 2003

    Folder containing 9 publications published on the occasion of the 100th  anniversary of the Jerusalem Panorama Crucifixion of Christ in Altötting/Germany:

    1. The World of Panoramas: Ten Years of International Panorama Conferences. Edited by Gabriele Koller in cooperation with Gebhard  Streicher (texts in English and German), A5 landcape format, ISBN 978-3-936721-08-9
    2. Das Panorama zu  Altötting
    3. Bernd Brach: Das  Jesus-Projekt
    4. Gebhard Fugel: Apokalypse
    5. Rudolf Büder: Lamm,  Wesen, Engel
    6. Sakrale Räume
    7. Sanford Wurmfeld: Cyclorama 2000
    8. Panorama-Projekt II
    9. Panorama-Aspekte
    (2-9 edited by Gebhard Streicher, texts in German)

    € 29.-