• Panorama Rouen 1431
    created by Yadegar Asisi in 2016
    photo © asisi

IPC 23rd Conference Registration - EXTENDED DEADLINE

Saturday, 29 June 2024

Registration for attendees is extended
until July 31, 2024!


33rd International Panorama Council Conference
Hosted by the

Laboratory for Experimental Museology
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)

Lausanne, Switzerland | October 02–06, 2024

The International Panorama Council formally invites you to join its 33rd International Panorama Council Conference at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, October 02–04, 2024, with an optional post-conference excursion on October 05–06, 2024.

Panoramas as Memory of the World focuses on the memorial aspect of the panorama's media form. Panoramas, in their various forms, seek to create an immersive experience by transporting visitors into another space. They commemorate events or celebrate memorable landscapes. Through their installations in staged ecosystems and their tailored mechanisms of illusion, they also create memories. The pioneering role of panoramas as the first immersive media can be assessed in the light of technological developments, from mechanical analog back then to computer-assisted digital today.

The conference will present a diverse range of session topics centered around panoramic media including: socio-cultural and political roles of panoramic memories; the mechanics of illusion, from analog to digital; digitization and conservation; Memory of the World (Unesco program) and panoramas.

Please register via the 33rd IPC Conference 2024 page.


A PDF of the Pprovisional Program draft and Conference Poster are available below -

IPC 2024_ProvisionalProgram-June2024.pdf