• Panorama Rouen 1431
    created by Yadegar Asisi in 2016
    photo © asisi

Institutional Members

  • Asisi Panorama International GmbH

    Berlin / Germany
    Director: Martin Löwer

    The Asisi Panorama International GmbH provides an institutionalized form under the auspices of which the panorama art of Yadegar Asisi could pursue its international orientation.

    The company’s goal is to spread Yadegar Asisi’s panorama art both nationally and internationally. From Berlin, as the company’s chosen headquarters, the 360° panoramas of the artist with their universal visual language are to go out into the world.

    Martin Löwer, Manager for Science and Culture from among the circle of shareholders, is Managing Director of Asisi Panorama International GmbH. Taking advantage of its bundled expertise from the areas of edutainment, entrepreneurship, equity holding and art events, Asisi Panorama International GmbH operates as the general agency representing the artist.

    Identifying future projects and cooperating with partners abroad is the mandate that was assigned to the newly founded Asisi Panorama International GmbH. As a contact partner, the company supports interested parties and partners throughout the entire process from the idea to auditing, and right up to the realization of international projects.

    +49 30 887769-41
  • Bursa Fetih Müzesi Panorama 1326




  • Laysan Island Cyclorama - University of Iowa Museum of Natural History

    Iowa City, Iowa/U.S.A.


    Pentacrest Museums Director: Liz Crooks



    The University of Iowa Museum of Natural History was founded by order of the Iowa Legislature in 1858 and is the oldest university museum west of the Mississippi River. The museum combines exhibits, education resources, programming, collections, and research opportunities to support the University of Iowa and our community. The mission of the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History is to inspire in visitors of all ages understanding and a sense of wonder, discovery, respect, and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds through exhibits, educational programs, and collections, as well as through linkages with UI research and activities.

    Unique to the Museum of Natural History is the Laysan Island Cyclorama.  The century-old Laysan Island Cyclorama offers a 360-degree view of Laysan, an outpost of the Hawaiian atoll and a bird sanctuary. The Laysan Island Cyclorama is the only one left of its kind. Completed in 1914, it was one of the first and is now the last remaining example to feature a natural history group. It is the only one ever to represent a single ecosystem.  The Laysan Island Cyclorama is in a purpose-built room in the northwest corner of the Hageboeck Hall of Birds, in Macbride Hall on the University of Iowa campus in downtown Iowa City.  Considered an integral part of the Museum of Natural History, the building was constructed with space reserved for the yet to be created cyclorama.

  • LuXun Academy of Fine Arts

    Shenyang / P.R. of China
    President: Wei Ershen

    Vice President: Ji Yunhui

    The large-Scale Art Studio of Oil Painting Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts(LAFA) is the only professional team in China which has the creative ability to make panoramas and large-scale public art works. At present, over ten 360-degree panoramas in China, all created and accomplished by LAFA, makes LAFA stand out over other academies and show their committment to the panoramic form. LAFA always pays a lot of attention to the research, creation and development of panoramas. Moreover, the academy has put an emphasis on communication with worldwide colleagues and allocates special resources towards publishing books on Chinese panoramas, the aesthetic study of panoramas, including large monographs and other theory books. The Luxun Academy of Fine Arts makes a solid fundation for the favorable development of panorama in China.

    +86 24 239 424 67
  • Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg

    Director: Danièle Wagener


    The Historical Museum of the City of Luxembourg presents a panorama that shows the central square of the town in the 17th century and has been created in 2006 by the French artist Antoine Fontaine.

    +352 4796 4500
  • Museum-Panorama The Battle of Borodino

    Moscow / Russia
    Director: Vladimir Presnov


    Museum-Panorama The Battle of Borodino is one of the well-known and popular military museums in Russia. The main exhibit of the museum is the famous panorama 'Borodino' by Franz Roubaud.

    The history of the museum dates back to September 11, 1912, when the Borodino Panorama was opened to the public in Moscow. In 1962 it was rehoused in a new building on Kutuzovsky Prospect. Battle artworks, pieces of decorative and applied art, arms, military uniforms and objects of everyday battlefield life of the Russian and French armies in 1812 are on display at the museum together with the Borodino Panorama.

    In 2018, the Museum-Panorama The Battle of Borodino took the initiative of establishing the Sector of Museums-Custodians of Panoramas and Dioramas in Russia. This organization is tasked to promote cooperation in preserving and research of historic panoramas and dioramas in Russia (http://pdsector.ru/eng/ ). The Museum-Panorama The Battle of Borodino is an official coordinator of the Sector's activity.

    +7 499 148 56 76
  • Ópusztasser National Historical Heritage Park - Feszty-Panorama

    Ópusztaszer / Hungary
    Director: Péter Kertész

    The Ópusztaszer National Historical Heritage Park invites to explore the history of Hungary as well as the culture and life-style of people living on the Southern Great Plain. Beautifully nestled in the Pusztaszer Protected Landscape, the Heritage Park marks one of the most sacred and important historical sites in Hungary, Ópusztaszer, where in the year 896 the modern nation of Hungary was born.

    The Heritage Park exhibits one of Europe’s largest panorama paintings, the Feszty-panorama 'Arrival of the Conquering Hungarians into the Carpathian Basin'

    +36 62 275 257