• Panorama Rouen 1431
    created by Yadegar Asisi in 2016
    photo © asisi

Minerva's Night

MINERVA´S NIGHT is an immersive pictorial installation. An extra long painting shaped in a circular structure that contains a hidden Panorama with the following dimensions: 2 m x 28 m x 8 m in diameter. The outer area of the installation is in the shade, while the inside is illuminated. Arriving to the exhibition area, the installation is seen as a completely white structure.

Date of creation2017
Artist(s)Irina Rosenfeldt
Dimensions2 m x 28 m x 8 m in diameter
Historical referencesThe work was on show at the Museum Emilio Caraffa at Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Argentina from June, 1 through August, 3 2017.

The spectator can enter it through a 1.5 m opening space situated at the far end of the perimeter of the circle. Its essence, where the painting is, cannot be seen at first sight. The viewer must keep walking to acknowledge there is something going on inside a raw wall. Nothing indicates that within a structure so despoiled the viewer will enter a space of such colourfulness.

Once inside the circle, this circular montage occupies the complete and uninterrupted horizon of the spectators' gaze. The painting is an immense psychic landscape of vibrant colours, drawn with generous matter, violent and abundant gestures, centrifugal and centripetal forces and spatial constructions that interweave offering a kinaesthetic experience to those who face this enveloping frieze. An urgent, expanded and psychedelic painting that takes over and creates the space of the bodies that meet with it. Here there is a close encounter with the painting as a mental phenomenon and, furthermore, as a physical entity that is planted before us with all its intensity.
Type of art and media formpanoramatic painting
Presentation statusin storage