• Panorama Rouen 1431
    created by Yadegar Asisi in 2016
    photo © asisi

Clearing of Proskurova from fascist invaders

The clearing of Proskurova (since 1954 - Khmelnitskiy) from fascist invaders on March, 25th, 1944 during Proskurovsko-Chernovitsky offensive operation.

ThemeThe panorama represents operations on suburb Proskurova - on a place of present Mira prospectus. Proskurov it is recognized on the several buildings which have remained till now, including on outlines of a church of Sacred Anna. Panorama fragments tell about feats of pilots of the colonel of the Lion of Shestakov and lieutenant Valentine Elkina which were lost in the sky over Proskurovom and as Heroes of Soviet Union, are buried in city center.
The command point from which the commander of Proskurovsko-Chernovitsky operation George Zhukov supervises over fight is represented. Around - attacks, the fire and hand-to-hand collisions which have been lined and operating tanks, planes, machine guns and other technics, illusion of fire, a smoke.
AddressThe panorama is in a building that was specially constructed for it belonging to the Khmelnitskiy Palace of creativity of children and youth.
Date of creation1988
Beginning of creation1986
Artist(s)Vladislav Mamsikov and Vladimir Volkov
Dimensions3 x 40 m
Type of art and media formpanorama
Presentation statuson display