• Panorama Rouen 1431
    created by Yadegar Asisi in 2016
    photo © asisi

5 Million Visitors to the Asisi Panoramas since 2003

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, 15th October 2014. This Wednesday in Berlin, the artist Yadegar Asisi greeted the five millionth visitor to his Panorama artworks since the founding of his permanent stagings in 2003. The guest was welcomed today in THE WALL Panorama – as representative for all Panoramas. The Panorama magnets for visitors in the last eleven years include PERGAMON in Berlin, AMAZONIA in Leipzig, 1756 DRESDEN in Dresden and ROME 312 in both Leipzig and Dresden. The EVEREST Panorama (2003 to 2005) was a pilot project, the success of which heralded the renaissance of the Panorama medium from the Leipzig Panometer.

The five milllionth visitor, Helmut Kapczynski came with his wife Colleen Neff from Berkeley (California) especially to Berlin in the 25th anniversary year of the fall of the Berlin Wall to visit his old home town that he left in 1971 and explore the traces remaining of a divided Berlin. Alongside other attractions, THE WALL Panorama also featured in their programme. As a surprise, he and his wife received a bouquet of flowers as well as accompanying books signed by the artist on the currently running Panoramas: THE WALL in Berlin, DRESDEN in the Dresden Panometer and LEIPZIG 1813 in the Leipzig Panometer.

"A dream has come true for me in the past eleven years. In 2003, I would never have believed that the revival of Panoramas, a 19th century medium, would go so far. I am thrilled and grateful that our numerous visitors have appreciated the Panorama art and thus made their renaissance possible. At the end of the year, Panoramas will go on display in Pforzheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rouen in France, and we are currently checking a series of locations both in Germany and abroad", according to Yadegar Asisi. "The success of the Panoramas inspires me to continue along this path and use the Panoramas to establish empathy, interest and understanding for complex historical themes or the realm of nature. Parallel to this, we are further developing the art form while also planning free or abstract works for the future." At the present time, the DRESDEN 1945 (from 24th January 2015 in Dresden), the GREAT BARRIER REEF (from 3rd October 2015 in Leipzig) as well as the revised version of ROME 312 (from the middle of December 2014 in Pforzheim and Rouen) 360° Panoramas are in preparation. Planned works include TITANIC, LUTHER 1517, ANTARCTICA, NEW YORK 9/11, MICRO-WORLD and GOTHIC ROUEN.

Asisi has received requests time and again to display his Panorama artworks in a new, external location – particularly since the international success of PERGAMON and the visit of the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, to THE WALL, which generated a great deal of attention. In order to process all these requests, the Asisi Panorama International GmbH was founded in June 2012 in Berlin. Equipped with bundled expertise in art and culture management, it acts as the artist's general agency and issues licences for the operation of his Panoramas on a worldwide basis. Asisi Panorama International accompanies interested parties and partners through the entire process – ranging from the idea, via the assessment through to the realisation of a new location for a 360° Panorama.