• Panorama Rouen 1431
    created by Yadegar Asisi in 2016
    photo © asisi

New PANORAMA AM ZOO in Hannover/Germany will be open to the public from 18 November 2017

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Yadegar Asisi's panorama Amazonia will be open to the public in a new panorama rotunda in Hannover/Germany from 18 November 2017.

Yadegar Asisi's AMAZONIA takes the observer on a journey of exploration into the tropics of South America. Initially all you see is green, yet little by little the fascinating diversity of species is revealed in the 30 x 100 metre Panorama. Yadegar Asisi has created a fictitious location that unites the wide-ranging geological formations of the rainforest in all its complexity. From the vantage point of the six-metre high observer's tower, clearings and stretches of water, giant trees and a far-off valley are included in the view revealed. Binoculars allow you to discover countless species of animals and plants.

The mysterious tropical night can also be experienced with all the senses, as a day and night simulation combined with the especially composed music and background soundscape by Eric Babak rounds off the Panorama experience.