• Panorama Rouen 1431
    created by Yadegar Asisi in 2016
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Il chiaro mondo dei beati

AddressMonte Verità, 6612 Ascona
Date of creation1924
Artist(s)Elisàr von Kupffer (1872-1942)
Dimensions3,45 x 25,3 m
TechniqueOil on chalk-undercoated canvas
Historical referencesThe circular painting "Klarwelt der Seligen" by Elisar von Kupffer ( 1872-1942) is the center of the Elisarion - von Kupffers house in Minusio, Switzerland and was on display from 1939 in a rotunda added to the house.
The well known exhibition designer Harald Szeemann saved the painting from destruction in the 1970s when all of Kupffer's work was cleared out of the house.
"Klarwelt der Seligen" can be visited on Monte Verita, Ascona in Switzerland on appointment only.
Today the Elisarion is a cultural center of the village of Minusio, the rotunda is still existing.
Type of art and media formcircular painting
Presentation statuson display